Vioro Concert | Margaret Plummer & Thomas Victor Johnson

22.10.22 Sat 19:00 presents DESIRE

Desire describes the distance between where you are and where you want to be. But can we live without desire? Or is desire an essential force for betterment and growth?

How is desire born, struggled with, consummated, enjoyed, sustained, abandoned, lost, or perhaps overcome?

How do we react when our desires are dashed or obliterated?

What changes when our desires are fulfilled?

Explore the varied shades of desire, as Margaret Plummer and Thomas Victor Johnson weave their way through a metaphorical life cycle, from birth to oblivion. Featuring works by Mahler, Berg, Debussy, Britten, Wagner, Berlioz and Barber.

Bar @ 19:00 with drinks and snacks available from the sustainably-sourced Lobe Lokal kitchen.

Music @ 20:00 with a perfectly placed interval.