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Music, the Arts, literature, tastes - both literal and cultural: as with everything else we do, our event program is thoughtfully, consciously curated. We host and co-create workshops, dinner events, food experiences, markets, art exhibitions, film screenings, book launches, and we’re always open to new ideas.

Channel your creativity and enhance your ecological awareness: our internal program is a place for community-driven experiences. Frequently, we have wonderful music nights, building links with our neighbours and guests for a harmonious evening.

Is this something that strikes a chord with you? Get involved with our public event program here.

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Music @ Lobe Lokal

vioro presents Wild Light

10.12.22 Sat 19:00

The California-born bass baritone Evan Hughes has built a worldwide career as a versatile and daring singer, on both the international operatic stage and in contemporary music. Hailed by Opera News as “strikingly imaginative”, and the New York Times for his “appealing clarity and emotional heft”, his career began in the United States after studies…

Music @ Lobe Lokal

Resonance of love II – Yoga Piano Soundbath live

18.12.22 Sun 19:30

Experience the unity of music, love and beauty in this special sound bath. Love is the great experience in a person’s life and when it permeates you, you are connected to everything. TICKETS Resonance of love – Yoga Piano Soundbath The Yoga Piano Soundbath is a relaxing yin yoga session accompanied by Esh with his…

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Arts @ Lobe Lokal

NIX 30 Jahre Party

16.09.22 Fri 18:00

Arts @ Lobe Lokal

Those Are Clouds Film Installation by Juniper Foam

20.09.22 Tue 10:00

Arts @ Lobe Lokal

arm dances

29.09.22 Thu 17:00

Tanzperformance (UFER_STUDIOS für zeitgenössischen Tanz) Lobe Dachterrasse | 17:00 – 17:30 Uhr Site-specific Performance-Installation von Niels Weijer | Tanz: Camille Chapon, Daniel Conant, Michela Filzi, Laura Giuntoli arm dances bewegt sich zwischen Tanz und bildender Kunst. Zwischen Formen und Geformt-werden, Wahrnehmen und Empfinden, bewegen fünf Tänzer*innen ein großes Arm-Objekt. Dabei hinterfragen sie die Rolle des Einzelnen…

Music @ Lobe Lokal

Vioro Concert | Margaret Plummer & Thomas Victor Johnson

22.10.22 Sat 19:00 presents DESIRE Desire describes the distance between where you are and where you want to be. But can we live without desire? Or is desire an essential force for betterment and growth? How is desire born, struggled with, consummated, enjoyed, sustained, abandoned, lost, or perhaps overcome? How do we react when our desires are…

Laugh @ Lobe Lokal

Pilea Living – 3 Year Anniversary

11.11.22 Fri 18:00

On the occasion of the 3 Year anniversary of the flower shop Pilea Living and the new cooperation with the Lobe Block we throw a party. Flower Power! Dress to the occasion.

Learn @ Lobe Lokal

Clothes Swap @ Lobe Block

12.11.22 Sat 12:00

We know that you have pieces of clothing in your closet that you have never worn! And that’s why we want you to change them for other pieces that motivate you more! Read here how it’s done! Shall we exchange our tastes at a Brunch? Lobe Block & Peluqart come together to make a Swap…

Taste @ Lobe Lokal

Brunch Mexicano@Lobe Canteen

12.11.22 Sat 12:00

Next Saturday, 12 November, we have invited our Mexican Chef Dino to spoil our guests with Mexican specialities. We will also be serving Mexican cocktails with ambient “chilli” music by DJ Ruben Lopez. Come in and find out!  

Music @ Lobe Lokal

Vioro Concert – Bruno de Sá & Thomas Victor Johnson

19.11.22 Sat 20:00

Soprano Bruno de Sá is an artist who is recreating the rules of classical music. Possessing an ethereal voice and supreme musicality, his repertoire spans from early baroque to freshly commissioned works. In 2020 he was awarded the Oper! Award for best young artist and has since made a string of critically acclaimed international debuts….

Music @ Lobe Lokal

Resonance of love – Yoga Piano Soundbath live @ Lobeblock

20.11.22 Sun 19:00

The Yoga Piano Soundbath is a relaxing Yin Yoga session accompanied by Esh with his healing live piano compositions. Experience complete relaxation and gather new strength for everyday life. Go into resonance with deep & touching music and connect with the universal love. When love permeates you, you are connected to everything. May the music…

Exhibition at Lobe from 24. 11 2022 – 4.12.2022  Grand opening on the 24. 11 .2022 19 – 22 h The visual arts have produced unique species and genres that enrich world art. You can get to know a selection in this exhibition, which juxtaposes magnificent Suzanis with masterpieces by Uzbek artists. The selection of…