Prelude Family Concert

26.11.22 Sat 16:30

Mendelssohn: “Who´s Home?”

Take a peek into the siblings, Fanny and Felix Mendelssohn’s home, listen to some of their fantastic compositions played by Lir, Hila, Benjamin and the 10 years old talented pianist Lenny.

Andreas Peer Kähler will lead the children on a journey full of beautiful surprises.

Children 4 +

Lobe Block is a fascinating, monumental building located in Berlin-Wedding. Its large glass fronts harness the sunlight of the changing seasons. It also has a beautiful and vast garden with animals, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and fresh pastries before and after the family concert.


Lir Vaginsky – Violin
Hila Karni – Cello
Benjamin Hochman – Piano
Lenny Maschkowski (10) – Piano
Andreas Peer Kähler – Moderation (German)