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Grab a bite of goodness in your lunch break, and fight global warming with your fork while you’re at it. At Lobe Lokal, we respect the seasons, reduce waste and combat the climate crisis. Eat with a healthy conscience, mind, and body: everything we serve - be it canteen or catering - is vegan and vegetarian.

With meals made from our own permaculture produce - think herbs, fruits and vegetables - and local suppliers, our garden-to-table approach means you taste without waste.

Leftovers? You mean do-overs. Every day, our chefs adapt the canteen’s menu to upcycle yesterday’s ingredients into delicious new creations. Whatever can’t be used means meals for our happy hens and rabbits - as well as for our earthworms, who close the loop crunching our compost.

Our soil regeneration is a key part of the harmony between life and nature: not far from the Berlin Wall, wartime bombings meant the soil was barren for years. But hope took root, our rainwater harvest system brought life, and two quince trees grew: symbolic of the possibilities of garden-to-table thinking.

Speaking of tables, our community-sharing benches started their lives as yoghurt pots; nowadays, they’re definitely not single-use - instead they’re a socially-driven space to connect with colleagues and build bonds with other businesses.

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